6 Reasons Why You Should Get A Private Tutor

Written by Sarah

Each year more and more university students opt for one-to-one tutoring with professional university tutors. Why do they choose to spend more time and money on studies than they already do? Let’s find out together how can Your Personal Professor help you achieve new heights.

6 Situations when you should consider individual tutoring.

Why individual tutor changes the game?

How many students do you have in your classes? We bet that no less than 20. Naturally, in such a situation, even the best teacher or professor cannot pay sufficient attention to all students. Although in theory, all students should have the same level of knowledge and understanding, in reality, many are afraid to ask questions when they don’t understand something either because questions are not encouraged or a student is afraid to look stupid in the eyes of his or her peers.

With an individual tutor, you are free and even encouraged to ask questions and receive as many answers and explanations as you need. Isn’t one-on-one attention the best way to acquire new knowledge?

6 Situations when you should consider individual tutoring:

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1. You are preparing for entrance exams to the university of your dreams.

University entrance exams are always challenging especially if it is for a prestigious institution with high competition for enrollment. An individual expert tutor specializing in the entrance exams for the university you are interested in can substantially increase your chances for enrollment and even getting free tuition.

2. You are falling behind your peers.

 It seems to you that you have fallen behind in one or more classes and cannot keep up with your peers? There is nothing to be ashamed of! There could be a lot of reasons why some disciplines are more challenging for you than others. It could be your active social life, humanitarian or, on the contrary, mathematic mindset, a professor that fails to deliver their subject in an understandable manner, and many others.  With individual expert tutoring, you will definitely get more understanding of the subject of interest – you will be able to ask questions, receive comprehensive explanations tailor-made for your needs, and even learn untaught in university shortcuts and tips on how to cut through to the core of your notes.

3. It feels that taught materials are not enough to succeed.

Some classes are designed for general knowledge acquiring but what if you want to get a practical or deeper knowledge of the subject? If you want to succeed both academically and eventually professionally, individual tutoring custom-made based on your goals and needs can help you acquire, understand, deepen, and put into practice new knowledge.

4. You have an exam in something you’ve never previously studied.

This can happen during your first year at university or when you decide to change your major. You can dive head over heels in textbooks and hope that you will learn everything you need for a good grade on your own. Or, you can combine textbook learning with individual classes in which you can clarify all uncertainties, solve actual problems from your textbooks with the help of an expert tutor, and find out quicker and easier solutions that you can apply in your exam, term paper, and so on.

5.  You want to get an extracurricular certificate.

Individual tutoring can be needed not only when you think that you are falling behind on a university program or are changing your major. An expert in a field that you are interested in, for example, in finances, can help you prepare for a certification exam that you are unable to prepare for at your university. It can be a Chartered Financial Analyst qualification or CFA, a foreign language certificate such as IELTS or DELF, and others. With an individual tutor, you can prepare for any exam whether it is a university exam or extracurricular certification. We have academically acclaimed tutors from a wide range of backgrounds. This vast number of tutors gives us the ability to pair students with the best tutor to fulfill their aims.

6. You want to excel in your academic writing skills.

Academic writing skills are extremely important not just for university. Being able to communicate your ideas in a clear and concise manner is the key to getting better grades but also to climb a career ladder. Your Individual Professor offers a variety of academic writing individual tutoring programs designed to fit any need whether you need skills improvement for language certificate, dissertation, business correspondence for professional development, and so on. We offer the help of experts – professors from the best UK universities and publishing authors.

Individual tutoring

You may have different reasons looking for individual tutoring but we can assure you – it is the best decision that will pay off! You have already made your first step on the path to success coming to Your Personal Professor. Now choose your subject and tutor and start your amazing journey into the world of new knowledge!

We deliver expert private tuition for students with different levels of knowledge and background to help them succeed academically and professionally. Your Personal Professor offers the help of academically acclaimed tutors from a wide range of backgrounds. We pair students with the best tutor to achieve their goals.

We believe that key factors to succeeding in your studies are feeling comfortable and confident with complex concepts. We ensure your desired results are achieved by providing the help of our tutors who will work alongside you to identify any issues in your understanding and grasp intricate topics. All our tutoring sessions are tailor-made and based on students’ needs and aims, to maximise your potential, improve grades, and succeed professionally.

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