The Equality Educational Institute

The Educational Equality Institute

Our mission is to fight educational inequality by making education fair. Our non-profit, The Educational Equality Institute registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO NO Reg 928 778 274) provide tailored academic support to disadvantaged students everywhere who might not ordinarily benefit from or have access to a proper education.

Every lesson purchased through Your Personal Professor includes a donation The Educational Equality Institute – funding which is used to run volunteer-led tutoring programmes for female students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Tutors who are registered with Your Personal Professor can also browse volunteering opportunities through their profiles.

All of our volunteers must meet academic requirements as well as demonstrate a keen interest in and commitment to supporting students. Most of our volunteers already have substantial experience in education, but we have pathways in place to include individuals who are just starting out on their tutoring journey.

All tutors go through our vetting and referencing process, and attend training sessions before getting involved.

The impact of Covid-19 on already-worsening mental health has been devastating, with more and more students saying they feel their mental health has deteriorated since the start of the pandemic. With reports of over fifty percent struggling, and only a fifth having sought support, we decided to launch Your Personal Mental Health, a program that extends our philosophy of one-to-one, targeted assistance beyond that of pure academia and into the realm of mental health support.

Donations from individuals, trusts and businesses help us to deliver change.

Your generosity helps us to reach more students who need our support – and work with more volunteers who have the skills to make a difference.

“Two-thirds of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will leave education without essential qualifications.”

Whether you want to volunteer, sponsor a project, collaborate with us, discuss funding or just show your support with a one-off or monthly donation, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.